Vivid Digital / Animation

Fake Expectations
Adam Wells

Which colour is best? Red or Blue? - maybe the worlds just not quite that simple, and we should aim for a blend.

Fake Expectations, is an animation about two artists who compete for the top prize at the annual art competition.

Out of Bounds
The Animation Workshop

Outside is a dangerous place. Hazards and germs and empty space.
Indoors is safe all of the time. But not for Paul179.
One seven eight goldfish to date. Each one has met a deadly fate.
Forty two days, the top lifespan. Before each is flushed down the pan

A charming unique story about a phobia.

GELATO GO HOME (Director's Cut)
Trunk Animation

As the first snow flake settles on cold concrete, the ice cream vans begin to contemplate the harsh winter ahead. For, like the caribou and the grey goose, the season marks the start of a long voyage in search of sunnier climes.

Back In The Day
Trunk Animation

Set in 1980’s Slovenia (Yugoslavia back then). A slight caricature of Rok’s childhood memories.

What is Literature for?
Marcus Armitage

oriel berkovits

Art Directors Club Denver

Buy Buy Baby

Dane Winn

david pavon

Homero Ramirez

Lift Up

Simon Vézina

Cátia Moreira

Under The Dump
Anna Le Danois

Anton Chistiakov

Super Life
Eben McCue

Malcolm Sutherland

Paper City
Maciek Janicki

My Happy End
Talking Animals

A magnifying mess

Trexel Animation

The Chase
Trunk Animation

Curiosity Killed The Cat
Trunk Animation

The Story of us

Drawing Inspiration
Wesley Louis