Vivid Digital / Introduction

6 Bevis Marks Development and leading art consultancy Art Acumen have teamed up to provide emerging talented filmmakers a chance to showcase their work. Vivid Digital is a competition, exhibition and commissioning programme in the City of London, designed to support and promote film makers and animators.

Conceived and curated by Art Acumen the year-long art programme covers three categories – film, animation and stop motion and it is open to international submissions. Vivid Digital is sponsored by Bevis Marks Development, who are providing the cash prize – £1,200 in each category – and a venue for the screenings. In addition there will be an overall winner, who will receive a commission to create a site specific film or animation for the 15 meter long HD media wall.

Vivid Digital has the wider aim of showcasing work by up-and-coming film-makers in a location where they could conceivably attract investment for future projects. The shorts are open audition pieces used by indie filmmakers to prove their talent to potential investors.

The film-makers either crowdfund or self-fund these films, and many of those on the longlist are now seeking investment in order to make their shorts into a feature-length film. Conversely short films are considered to be a genre in their own right. The lower production costs of shorts often mean that they can cover alterna tive subject matter as compared to higher budget feature films. Telling a big story though the short film format is an art form and it is widely thought that if a feature film is like a novel, then a short film is like a poem.

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